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Nurture Your Tribe: Part 3 – Sharing the Love

If you have been following this series (Part 1 and Part 2) and applying it, you have now found your tribe (what others call a target market) and started developing relationships, both one-on-one, and as a whole. You do this via your Facebook business page. If you are a smart marketer (and of course, you are!), you are also managing a Facebook group that targets your tribe.

Targets your tribe? Huh?

To the outside world, that might conjure up images of somebody pinned to a range target. In reality though, tribes love being a target.


They enjoy being in your sights because you are there to meet their needs. That should be your reason anyway. I suppose, for some, it might be a fake reason, but we will assume your heart's desire is to serve through your business.

Having assumed that, we are now going to share some ways to nurture that growing tribe by sharing the LOVE:

  • L for Leading by Example
  • O for Offering Help
  • V for Value...though, it is not what you might think
  • E is for Encouragement

What you will find is when you love your tribe and help meet their needs, they love you back. It shows in your profits, no matter what kind of business you have. What you give out, comes back.

So, let's learn how to LOVE our tribes!

“L” is for Lead by Example

People are not as dumb as some folks wish they were. The fact is, you can fool some people for awhile, but the truth of who you are will show through eventually. Many don't give much thought to that aspect of being ready to own a business, until the consequences are staring them in the face.

If who you are and the brand image you are trying to project don't match, fix that first. You must be authentic. You will not last in a leadership position if you aren't.

Authenticity is important for a couple of reasons.

The obvious one being that you can only be a fake for so long before the real you oozes out when you don't wish it to. It will start ruining the image. If you are a vegan nutrition consultant, may you never be found pigging out at the local BBQ joint.

A  less obvious reason to be authentic is because it is ever-so-much easier. Seriously!

What a waste of energy it is to maintain lies. You have to remember them, after having to think of them to begin with. If you don't work at being consistent, you'll blow it. We can soften it by calling it “hiding our rougher edges”. We can declare that “what I do in my personal life is my business”.  The fact is though, to be one thing in public and another in private is to live a lie.

When you can get real about that, you can then decide to live that way no more. Do it, if you have not already. If there are ugly areas you wish to hide, clean them up and make them fit for company. Problem solved.

Now that you are committed to authenticity, promise yourself to…

Be consistent in who you are.

You are your brand. The goal is to be predictable. People will grow to expect you to be you, so don't rock their boats too often by deviating from what is your norm.

For example, part of my brand image is “Hippie Warrior of Love” so let's pretend 90% of all my posts support that. Then imagine that about once a week or so, I come out with a vehement rant. Not the humorous kind, or a little harmless venting, or throwing something cute out to rev up traffic... but the out-for-blood type. 

Pretend I am feeling taken advantage of and by gosh golly, I am going to get even. It is not enough to remove myself from the situation, I want revenge and won't rest until I get it. I am blabbing on and on about it (we want support for our poor behavior, right?). That is so far out in left field from the vibe I normally project, every time I do that, I create doubt in people's minds about my authenticity.

Am I so together that I never get irritated? Heck no. I am human, and an Irish human to boot, so the potential for drama is there. I choose to walk in peace. I don't go down to their level, but battle on the higher road and do my best to stick to it. It is who I chose to be, therefore, I am.

Again, it comes down to making sure that what you are putting out there is true to begin with. If what is true is also ugly, deal with that, so you are the person of integrity you project. That consistent, authentic person is who they will grow to trust, and count on to offer help is being a leader they can trust.

“O” is for Offer Help

An important thing to remember when offering help to your tribe is the 80/20 Rule. Make 80% of your posts about everything BUT your promotions.

Yes, the big picture goal is to sell your solutions and make money. But there are better ways to get there than by shoving them down people's throats day in and day out. All that will do is get you tuned out.

When you LOVE your tribe, you want to help meet their needs even when the answer is not you. That doesn't necessarily mean you only share others' products either. Focus more on what your tribe's actual needs are, and on finding ways to meet them. Then creating and sharing posts that accomplish that will become easy and natural.

Keep their needs in front of you and you will notice that article or post that will be of help to them. Share it.

When they are on your mind and you meet somebody, who would be a valuable resource to them, you think of them. Share the connection.

If the back of your mind is always churning on how you can help'll notice that amazing gizmo that will transform their lives. Then you'll run to get online and share it with them.

That steadfast focus on their needs makes it easy to find the 80% non-promotional posts. Then they will trust you when you post the other 20% that tells them your product is the answer for their need. That love you show by nurturing them and putting them first will pay off. The key though is to see the pay off as the icing. Meeting needs is what you do.

That different mindset is behind our next point as well...

“V” is for Value

Each tribe member is a potential customer with monetary value to you. That is not our focus here though. Our focus is on how you should value them. It is a different mindset. The former says they are there to serve you. The latter says you are there to serve them. You are not lord over your tribe, but servant to them.

Adopting that perspective is powerful. That is heart-centered marketing. That is the way to thrive in business. Then there is the added bonus of getting to sleep soundly at night, knowing you are making a difference in people's lives.

Like I said earlier, people are not as dumb as some wish they were. They can tell when you care. Value them, not just for the money they can bring in. Care about them. Be concerned for their needs. Put real effort into meeting those needs. Sometimes, it can be as simple as something to make them smile.

“E” is for Encouragement

If there is one thing everyone could use, even if they don't want to admit it... it is encouragement. It doesn't matter what niche you serve, who your tribe is, or what it is you sell. If you encourage people, they feel good, and come back for more.

Rich folks need it. The perfect specimens of health need it. The beautiful people... they need it too. The super-heroes and champions... the wildly successful. All those people who have the things we think are so important. We tend to think they lack for nothing. They still glow when encouraged.

One of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes says” I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Make them feel good. Build them up. Praise them. Tell them you are proud. Show unconditional love and I promise you, they will keep coming back for more....and bring their friends with them. Think about the people in your life who encourage you and make you feel good. Would you walk away from that for no good reason? Nope. Not likely. Neither will your tribe, when your concern is genuine and you dare to show it.

Do YOU Dare to L.O.V.E Your Tribe?

I said, “dare to” because loving others involves risk. Anyone who has ever had a broken heart understands that. Putting out love risks rejection, betrayal, ridicule, getting bad juju back for your trouble... it risks getting hurt. The fact it happens is real...and the pain of it is real too.

But you can decide to love anyway.

You can love when it hurts. You can love when it is inconvenient. You can love when those you love don't deserve it. You love because it is in you to give and others need it. The fact that they respond to it is just a matter of you getting back some of the good you put out.

What are some of the ways you show your love and nurture your tribe? How do they respond to it? We'd love to hear all about your experiences, so feel free to comment. Let's talk!

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Nurture Your Tribe: Part 2 – Gathering Your Tribe

In the first post of this series, we defined our concept of TRIBE and talked about why it is important. If you missed it, you can catch up -> CLICK HERE

Now let's look at how to gather YOUR tribe.

To locate your tribe, you want to make it easy for them to find you, but you want to get out there and find them too.

Most of us are used to making it easy for our tribe to find us. We do SEO, give out business cards, and go to business networking functions (Chamber of Commerce etc). We might take out ads online and locally. Everybody in business does those things. They've been standard operating procedures for years.

However, even this many years into Facebook's wild success, half the businesses I know do not even have a Facebook presence. Of the other half, maybe 10% are working their pages. They are missing half of the equation by not using the site to locate and engage with their target audience.

Over 1.8 Billion users hang out there. Facebook gives us free tools for marketing our businesses. There are so many sound reasons for making your business presence known on the site! To read our top three reasons, CLICK HERE.

Facebook not only gives us the ability to easily attract the right people, but it gives us all we need to find them and nurture them as well. Naturally. Socially. Developing relationships based on trust. That will always translate into more profitable businesses. So, let's talk about how to attract your tribe on Facebook.

Define Your Tribe

Create a persona for your target customer. Where do they live? How old are they? What interests do they have? Are they male or female?

This is the hypothetical person you want to follow you, fall in love, and stay with you, living happily ever after as a satisfied customer. The more you know them, the easier it is to give them what they need.

Once you've done that, the next thing you need to do is go to your Insights for your Facebook page. Check and see how well your actual fans are lining up with the persona.

For example, imagine you are targeting executive women over 40 who might be interested in your amazing anti-aging product. If you are posting on your page during the weekdays, chances are your target audience will miss most of it.

Why? If you go look at your Insights, you find they are most active on Facebook on weekends, in the evenings, and to some extent in the early mornings. They are not going to be hanging out on Facebook during working hours.

So, to connect with them, you want to concentrate on posting on weekends and evenings, with perhaps a morning greeting post each day. These are the times when they are most likely to see your posts.

Post according to their needs, not your own. If they are on Facebook when you typically are not, use the free Facebook scheduling tool, or another social media scheduling tool to manage posting

It is also important to get out there and mingle. On social media, there is more to getting exposure than paying for Facebook ads. It takes actually being social.

Mingling, Facebook-Style

How do you mingle and make connections on Facebook? Pretty much the same way you do in person. You go to where people hang out and you hang out there too. When a conversation naturally flows, you let it. You leave your scent in a wake behind you and those who are attracted will follow. That's about it in a nutshell.

To find where your potential tribe is hanging out on Facebook, go to search and type in key words related to that persona you created. When I typed in our example, executive women, Facebook then gave me nicely organized lists of which groups they are a part of, what places they visit, what pages they like, and so on.

Then you go to where they are, lurk, and learn. Become a keen observer. Find out what matters to them. What questions do they ask? What needs do they have? Do you see common themes and interests?

As you are learning about them, when it is genuine and appropriate, jump into some conversations. This is the place to let your sincere concern for others shine. May it never be that every response you give somehow points to you as the answer. People will see right through that and tune you out.

Instead, try being helpful without pointing to anything or anyone as a solution. Better yet, share solutions from others that truly meet their need. And don't have every referral be an affiliate link.

As you are naturally mingling with potential tribe members, you will start to see some names coming up over and over again. Those are your influencers. You want to follow them and interact with them. You can learn much about how to best serve your tribe by watching how they serve theirs. Pay attention, and apply what works, your way.

As you leave quality comments, show your genuine concern, and people see your name and face more often, they will go to check you out. Relationships will develop naturally, based on common vibes.

Now that you are developing relationships with targeted fans...

Take the Relationship to the Next Level

You have found potential tribe members. Now you will draw them to you, engage them, and help them to see you as their loving leader. Then your job is to care about, and help meet, their needs. Only now you are doing it on your turf, not theirs.

You were genuinely social and they checked you out. Take some time to think about what they found. Be sure your pages point them in the right directions and are consistent with the vibe you are putting out. If it isn't, they likely will not give you another thought.

We will assume however, that your personal page and business pages reflect you accurately and point towards what your business does for others. If the connection was made through your personal profile, the mission is to get them to your business page and website. Make sure your profile does both.

You should also be interacting on Facebook AS your business page. If you don't have your page set up yet, here are 6 simple steps to taking care of that right now -> CLICK HERE

Be sure and have an appropriate call to action on your page. That CTA might vary from industry to industry, but one thing every business should have is an email list.

If you are not already doing so, start building a list of fans who would like to receive newsletters (at the very least). Then communicate regularly with them, showing the love, genuinely, as you did when you were mingling to find them on Facebook. Again, be consistent.

Email marketing is just one way to gather your tribe together. Another, very natural way, is through groups and communities. Create groups around the common interests of those in your tribe, to niche them down into smaller segments. That makes it easier to meet their needs, and gives you an opportunity to be more personable and intimate in your relationships with them.

Now You are Building a Tribe!

By adding to it regularly, simply by sharing yourself and building real relationships. You tribe knows they can trust you. They look to you for guidance. Now, it is up to you to deliver what they need.

They will trust you when it is your product or service that meets their need...because they know you sincerely wish to help. You keep it all about them and realize that you are there to serve them, not the other way around. Take good care of them, and they will remain your most loyal fans.

In the next post in this series, we are going to talk about HOW to best nurture the tribe you are gathering. In the meantime, we would love to hear all about how you are building relationships through social media. Please, feel free to share your success stories and tips.

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Nurture Your Tribe: Part 1 – The Journey Begins

Helping your audience to connect with you, AKA "the feels", is the key to success in social media - And the key to amassing your tribe.

Keep it before you, always. Don't lose sight of the goal of making people feel so good, they keep coming back for more. When they come away from your page, group, or site, it should be with a warm fuzzies and the knowledge that they matter to you.
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
Maya Angelou
American Poet, Memoirist, and Civil Rights Activist

The Feels

With that as your goal, you need to learn to master social media marketing on Facebook. No other site gives you more tools to engage with your audience than they do. They have what you need to not only find your tribe of fans, but to take excellent care of them once you do.

So, let's learn HOW to take advantage of that and develop trust through strong connections. It is not about pitching things to people, but building genuine relationships with them through a variety of means, including your personal blog or website, Facebook pages, groups and communities.

We are going to teach you how to nurture those you come in contact with, so they become life-long fans. They will be your tribe, your people....among those dear to your heart. They will also be your happy customers who send you even more business. So, yes...all this nurturing does dramatically affect your bottom line. However, that should not be your focus. When you go heart first into your business relationships, and nurture first, the money comes as a natural result.

Let's be about the business of learning how to do that and do it well.

Who Is Your Tribe?

One of the definitions Merriam Webster gives for tribe is, "a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest". Another mentions they have a common leader. That leader, like it or not, is you and you need to assume that role. You need to lead and nurture that tribe of people bound by common interests and values.

Strong leaders don't boss people around; they support, encourage, and set the example. To do that well takes heart. Use your heart in your business. The tribe will then follow. As trust develops in the relationship they have with you, they will do what you suggest in your calls to action more often. The numbers will reflect the effectiveness of leading with love towards those you serve through your business.

Now that you have a tribe, what to do with them?

The first step is to get to know them.
Once you know them, you nurture them and help meet their needs.
Then, you have the trust you need to convert them to customers as well.

Happy customers will be reflected in your profits. It is that win-win situation we should always strive for. Now, let's learn how to create that.

Getting to Know Your Tribe

This should be the first step, but sadly, it is often skipped. Too many simply assume they know their fans.

Why would you want to rely on assumptions when you have the ability to find out, for real? I know, it is crazy obvious to me too, but some people don't seem to grasp that concept. You, being the super-smart marketer you are, will put effort into getting to know where your tribe is REALLY coming from.

How about simply asking them? This is so obvious, but again, many miss it. Most people are anxious to be heard. They want to connect with those who they feel understand them and care about what concerns them. We live in a pretty impersonal world. Give people a chance to be heard and most will take it.

There are a variety of ways to ask and should use a little bit of everything because what motivates one person to act might not motivate the next. Some ways to ask your tribe what they want are through surveys and polls. You can use surveys in your email marketing, you can have poll posts onyour Facebook business page, as well as groups and communities you administrate.

Or - you can also simply ask. There is absolutely nothing wrong with creating Facebook posts that simply ask a question, in a way that will bring responses. That not only gives you information you can use about their wants and needs, but every comment counts too. That's a win-win. It also shows you really care, which we assume you do. Like I said, people want to be heard, so you want to give them opportunities to be.

Nurturing Your Tribe

Facebook gives you multiple opportunities to give your people what they have told you they want. You can deliver it to them via your business page posts, or through administrating groups and communities. Let's take a look at each one.

Page Posts

Page posts should always give your fans something they can use, need, or enjoy. If you know they need encouragement, write encouraging posts. If they need information, give it to them. If it is opportunities they need, help provide them. It's even okay to simple give them something to laugh at from time to time.

Point them in directions that will help them, and don't be stingy with directing them to places other thanyour own site and products or services. Not only are you then meeting their needs more fully, but you are developing trust by showing you care enough to help without profiting from it financially.

Of course, sometimes the sending them elsewhere will be via an affiliate link, but since we are ethical, we are open about that, right? Full disclosure and honesty about such things goes far in building trust and loyalty.

Facebook Groups and Communities

If you are not taking advantage of groups and communities on Facebook, you are missing out on one ofthe best ways to build relationship with your tribe. In both instances, you are gathering a group of people around a central interest. You audience in a group or community is there because they already have an interest in what you are doing. You are no longer trying to find your people, you have them... ready, willing, and eager to be nurtured by you.

This is an area where you can really shine as the loving leader of your tribe. The same principles about posting apply here, only it is to a more targeted audience, so you typically get more engagement. This is a place to get more intimate yourself, which helps create an environment where the members feel free to openly share too. This is where you can get cozy with them and deliver the warm fuzzies that keep them coming back for more.

Selling Your Tribe

Now you have found your tribe, you have taken excellent care of meeting their needs, you've demonstrated your love for them and they have trust in you. You have a real relationship with your fans. Now, you can motivate them to sales quite naturally. It is easy for you, feels right to them, and everybody comes out of the relationship happy. Is that not what it is all about?

Hopefully, this has helped light a fire within you to make the extra efforts to nurture your tribe. The effectiveness of all that loving kindness and care will be evident in your sales, and referrals. Happy customers tell their friends.

In future blog posts, we are going to go into more detail about how to nurture like a pro. Follow along, applying what you learn and you will see your engagement and sales increase as a result.

If you have questions please comment or connect with us! Since we practice what we preach... we really do want to know how you feel and what you need! Talk to us. We love to listen.

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