The Brand Experience

Your brand is so much more than a name, business colors, and a logo.

It’s vitally important to your success. Yet, too many business owners consider branding done once the business cards are printed. That type of branding is dead.

Nobody feels the vibe you are trying to put out, so they forget your brand.

Translating a feeling, in a way that lingers after exposure to your brand is much more than fonts, color schemes, and a dot com. Branding is leaving people feeling the way you want them to feel and associating it with your look. It is not your look.

Branding well the first time is so much better than trying to rebrand later. This is one area you really want to get right from the beginning, like your domain name. Tweaks might be okay, but major changes are difficult to implement and recover from when it comes to branding.

Sassy Lasses excels at just that; Translating your vibe into a brand people remember. And we do it so well, major changes won’t be needed.

Experience Quality,
Custom Logos

Our logos identify us.

They should be immediately recognizable, carry an air of implied superiority, and be simple. Your logo should resonate YOU, and even more importantly, what you represent. That logo is a flag in their minds to how you make them feel.

Your logo doesn’t sell for you, but it identifies you as the one they trust to do business with. It is something you never want to change, so get it right the first time with a logo created by Sassy Lasses.

We are expert at creating a logo that oozes you and is unique. Here are some of the logos we have designed:

Experience Interactive PDFs

PDFs are compact and can deliver across any platform, making it probably the most popular form of delivering documents over the internet. They are commonly used in creating course workbooks, forms, engaging freebies, reports, ebooks etc. Their value lies in the ability to give interaction without giving the user a chance to change the content or format.

What we do for you is take your text and convert it into the final PDF product, ready for delivery. Fun for us and easy peasy for you!

Here are some of the PDFs we have produced:

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