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Sacha and Russ were absolutely wonderful to work with! They were extremely accommodating, and the experience was so turnkey that I almost couldn’t believe it. Everything was picked up on so quickly and I appreciated the time that they took to make recommendations on the project. I would highly recommend them to any business that needs extra hands because with them, you not only receive the help but the insight and proactive nature as well to share their ideas.
Gabriella Ribeiro
Owner/ President at Trumarketing
Running a small business is hard. I’m often required to pivot at a moment’s notice, juggle 17 activities at once, and keep track of everything. Additionally, I needed to perform tasks (client marketing calls!) that just weren’t in my skill set and I consequently avoided doing. I came to the realization that I was not optimizing my business, and it’s a truism that if your business isn’t growing, it’s shrinking.

When I discovered Sacha Brant and her business, Sassy Lasses, I was able to comfortably pass along those tasks that I didn’t have time for, or wasn’t adept at performing. Now, I never worry about follow up, because Sacha has it under control. I can now focus on doing what I do best. I can go on and on, but I’ll give the last word to one of my customers, who said it best:

"What a pleasure it has been to have been placed in Sacha's hands. She is personable, professional, diligent and conscientious - everything you want in one package when it comes to customer service. I am extremely pleased with her follow-up, and look forward to a continued relationship with L'Moor."

Thank you, Sacha.
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Bonnie Annis
Co-Founder of L'Moor
Wow. What an experience.

Building a business by yourself is difficult enough but then you reach a point where your skills and limitations clash together. I felt lost, hopeless and doubt. I've never once created a website, much less a membership site. I tried it on my own and was at the point of slamming my computer on my desk and through the floor. In came Sacha, and not to sound too dramatic, saved my life. Forget just business; my life.

I've encountered other entrepreneurs before and you're often left feeling like, although their help was offered out of kindness, you're on a hook somehow. Sacha offered to assist me in finishing up parts of my site, and frankly, cleaning up the mess I left. Working with her was such an incredible pleasure for me. Her knowledge is invaluable and her personality as a person and business woman are refreshing, professional and genuine. Her customer service is that which all people in business should model.

My site is up and running and my confidence is at an all-time high thanks to Sacha. I've found a treasure in this brutal entrepreneurial world. I feel like my company has a brighter future because of my encounter with her. I can't wait for our next project together. I can keep going but I'll end it with one word about Sacha: Godsend.

Lee Courrau
CEO at The Comic Corps
So [the other night] I posted (at some ridiculous hour) a cry (yes I was close to this!) for someone to take a photo of mine and resize it to fit my Twitter cover. I had techy stuff and have stopped fighting the uphill battle when there are other geniuses out there who do it in their sleep.

SO, I posted and I had several very kind responses, but ONE really caught my eye. Sacha Brant, a woman who I have had communication with before, reached out and made an offer I thought was the epitome of #Badass and SMART!

She traded a service that took her about 15 minutes to do (she ended up doing a FB cover and Twitter cover) in return for promo and shout out with my community. I am ALL over that! It was a change from the usual, and I thought it was brilliant. Win - win. She did a beautiful job and I couldn't be happier.
Marlo Ellis
Owner of
Have you ever wanted a customer service experience that makes you smile from ear to ear?

Ever wanted your mind picked and your every thought of your design conceptualized and presented to you so that same smile is permanently engraved on your face?

Well that's what you get with Sacha, she will give you the tools and the attention you need to bring whatever your project is to life.

This is what all companies should put forth, but don't shop elsewhere, shop with the lady who will give you the confidence to succeed.
Darcey Sylvester
Satisfied Customer
Sacha is so wonderful to work with and has so much patience! I thought that I never knew the logo creation of a business could be so wonderful!

She worked with me through many font and logo changes & I am so thankful to her for helping me bring my new (re-branded) logo to life for my photography business!

This has been a great experience & I am beyond ecstatic to get it up on my website & share it with everyone! I would, and will, without any hesitation recommend Sassy Lasses to anyone looking for a new logo.
Hillary Louise
Owner of Hillary Louise Photography
Sacha is a dream to work with! She is like a mind reader! I couldn't totally articulate exactly what I wanted, but she seemed to know exactly what I needed without me asking! I can't thank her enough for her stellar work, quick efficient and a pleasure to work with! I'm soo happy! Thank you!
Stacee Magee
Owner of The Genius Zone
Really impressed with my design work from Sacha. She 'got' what I was trying to express and put together original, branded graphics in super quick time. Highly recommended! Thank you!
Joanna Bell Zeng
Owner of Forbidden Pretty