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Top Three Reasons To Master Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Business Page - Get One.

If you are a business owner, and don’t yet have a Facebook Business or fan page, I bet you hear all the time about how you need one. In fact, we just told you. (Bazinga!)

Do you know why? Well, besides that everyone else has one?

With no further ado, here are our Top Three Reasons you are really missing out if you have not taken their advice yet.

Over 1.86 Billion Users. You Heard Me.

Those are April 2017 numbers folks, straight from Zephoria Digital Marketing (see the article here) That is mind-boggling.

Where else do you have an opportunity to get exposure to that many people, for the awesome price of completely FREE?

Think about that for a moment. Think about the times you have spent money on advertising. What did you pay for the ability to touch how many people? Hmmmmm.

That alone should have everyone wanting their own business page. That is, if you are serious about reaching the people who care about what you sell.

Facebook Offers Super Cool Free Stuff to Match the Audience.

When you have a Facebook business page, you are supplied with a wealth of knowledge, things you cannot access as a public user.

Wondering when your people are online, where they live, what they like, how old they are? Done.

Don’t know the engagement rate on your posts? You will when you have a professional page.

Between Facebook’s Audience Insights feature and the insights available in your page management area, you

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