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Nurture Your Tribe: Part 3 – Sharing the Love

If you have been following this series (Part 1 and Part 2) and applying it, you have now found your tribe (what others call a target market) and started developing relationships, both one-on-one, and as a whole. You do this via your Facebook business page. If you are a smart marketer (and of course, you are!), you are also managing a Facebook group that targets your tribe.

Targets your tribe? Huh?

To the outside world, that might conjure up images of somebody pinned to a range target. In reality though, tribes love being a target.


They enjoy being in your sights because you are there to meet their needs. That should be your reason anyway. I suppose, for some, it might be a fake reason, but we will assume your heart’s desire is to serve through your business.

Having assumed that, we are now going to share some ways to nurture that growing tribe by sharing the LOVE:

  • L for Leading by Example
  • O for Offering Help
  • V for Value…though, it is not what you might think
  • E is for Encouragement

What you will find is when you love your tribe and help meet their needs, they love you back. It shows in your profits, no matter what kind of business you have. What you give out, comes back.

So, let’s learn how to LOVE our tribes!

“L” is for Lead by Example

People are not as dumb as some folks wish they were. The fact is, you can fool some people for awhile, but

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