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7 Traits Most Successful Leaders Share and Value

We sometimes talk about people in terms of their followings. So-and-so has 28,000 followers… and this person over here has 5700, but poor little such-n-such… she only has 320 followers. Somehow, we have begun to equate the number of followers we have with success.

That’s because we don’t think it through. The number of followers you have doesn’t matter much if they are not engaged with you. The figures I shared are rough numbers from three different companies I’ve worked with, so I am familiar with their stats.

Would it surprise you to know that the person who is barely staying in business is the one with all the followers? The other two are equally successful financially, but one is ten-plus years into her business plan…and the poor little thing who only has 320 followers? She is about a year and a half into her business plan.

What’s the difference? They all apply social media marketing strategies. No one of them has a huge advantage over the others. Well, except for one area. The successful ones have engaged audiences.

Why do they have such high engagement rates? Is it because of some new app, or social media strategy? If you google “how to increase social media following”, you’d sure think that’s all there is to it. But, nope. That’s not it.

It is because they are leaders. We humans have this natural tendency to want to follow the leader. Following a worthy leader gives us a sense of community, a common cause, and a

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  1. Selena Bruni Eprile

    Love this Sacha and Carol, you have embodied the essence of leadership, Authenticity! “You will never be a true leader if you are just an imitation of somebody else. Learn from other leaders, apply what you learn, but specialize in being you. Then be you, all you, all the time and watch your tribe grow.” #Truth!

    • Sassylasses

      Thanks Selena! We are so glad you loved this. Authenticity is a BIG PART of who we are, and I know it’s part of you too!


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