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How to Laugh Yourself Healthy and Happy

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No doubt, we’ve all heard the phrase, “laughter is the best medicine”. So much so, that it has become cliché and lost much of its power. In actuality, regular bouts of laughter can have health benefits, as well as elevate your mood. Forcing yourself to laugh and play when you’re feeling blue will improve your mood. (And it boosts health too!) What we are going to do is first talk about the many exciting benefits of laughter. Then, we are going to explore ways to learn to cut loose and let laughter reign. When it is appropriate, of course. I have had to leave public places when I get the giggles and can’t quit. What a fun problem to have! Let’s learn how to have it and why! Besides the fact laughing is fun and leaves us happier, laughter is a:

  • Stress Buster
  • Pain Reliever
  • Immune System Booster
  • Relationship Builder

Stress Buster

Laughter relieves stress in several ways. First, you have the immediate release; It feels so good. I can imagine waves of stress flying out of my mouth with my laughter and rolling down my cheeks with my tears. Laughing until you are crying and your sides hurt feels great. We can’t deny that. That laughter triggers more than sounds, tears, and an occasional bladder leak. It dumps all sorts of good hormones into your system instead

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