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Social Media: You Don’t Need to be a Pro, You Need to be Consistent

If you’re out there reading this (and were anything like me when I started) you’re afraid of Social Media. You know that you need it, but the concept is big and scary. You see videos and courses, professionals and gurus, but no clear-cut answers. You’re not starting because you fear it will be too hard. I’m here to tell you you’re wrong - you just need to be consistent.

Sure, there are millions of strategies, approaches, activities and the likes. You may not be ready for that, it’s okay. I’m going to share the three fundamentals I use to keep my social media efforts effortless and effective.

  • Keep your brand voice and message consistent
  • Maintain a posting schedule that’s consistent
  • Use a consistent process

Follow these 3 things and you’ll see an increase in engagement and followers.

Keep your brand voice and message consistent

To keep your readers engaged and watching, you need variations in your content types. It’s good to have a balanced mix of blog posts, memes, shared content and videos, to name a few. While you do it, you need to ensure that you leave a lasting overall impression of your company or project.

Your brand’s voice and message is the means to unify all this different content into a cohesive image. It’s how your customers and potential customers always know it’s you.

Sit down and figure out, if your brand was its own person, what would s/he sound like? How would  s/he speak? Casual and fun? Business professional and to the

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