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The Evolution of an Entrepreneur Through the Eyes of Her Husband.

Sassy Lasses is a company founded on the core values of honesty and integrity above all else. We’re committed to the little guys; To the set-up and evolution of our clients.

Sassy Lasses is the embodiment of all the hard work, love, dedication and perseverance shown by Sacha every day. Even as the company grows and changes the core values, that my passionate wife who is also my boss, runs strong.  So how did we get to this point of running a successful full-service virtual office?

It all started off when my wife’s health was failing. Sickness fueled by working for a contact center that didn’t uphold their values. With close to five years tenure, she was always on call. Often I would notice several interruptions a night, well after she had put in 10 hours of customer care. I would hear how someone less qualified was always promoted over her. Or how she was directed to lie to clients. This would see her stuck in the same client care position with no hope for advancement.

I want to make it clear here when I say high level I mean the clients that pay all the employees salaries. Most of the time these clients were irate at the level of professionalism show by staff. Once again I would hear the stories of how Sacha would save client after client until the inevitable end.

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