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Think You Are Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

We wholeheartedly believe in the entrepreneur lifestyle here at Sassy Lasses. We are entrepreneurs and enjoy helping others take the plunge too. It is an easy task for us to create a long list of reasons why we love the entrepreneurial journey, but it is not for the faint of heart.Being your own boss is demanding, but we agree there are five characteristics that make it a whole lot easier. If you are considering starting your own business, you’d be wise to spend some time doing a little bit of self-evaluation. How many of these traits do you possess?

  1. Adaptability.
  2. Time Management Skills.
  3. Stress Management Skills.
  4. A Fearless Spirit.
  5. Determination.

Let’s take a peek at each one:

Adaptability: Be the Flexible Entrepreneur

How Well Do You Handle Change?

When you have a traditional job, most often, you have your list of expected duties to fulfill. You have no need to worry about anything else but your job. It is your sole concern. That is wildly appealing to some.

Not so in an entrepreneur’s life. Quite the opposite, as a business owner, you must be prepared to deal with anything and everything that could affect your business. Yes, literally. Who else will do it? Don’t bother looking around - that person is you.

You had better be adept at taking the unexpected in stride, or you will stay in a state of panic. We are

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  1. Casey

    Definitely working on getting out of those comfort zones! Baby steps for sure… Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Sassylasses

      Thanks Casey! Baby steps are important. Molehills are easier to climb than mountains!


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