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Is ‘Doing it Your Way’ Actually the Only Way?

Recently, I was reading a post from Neil Patel about the future of entrepreneurship. It talks about the way the industry is shifting and about how themes such as disruptive innovation and remote team structure are taking the lead.

I found great value and insight, absolutely, but it also got me thinking:

While often dressed in different terms, doesn’t it always come down to one thing? The only way to do things is to do it YOUR WAY.

No, I haven’t lost my mind, and I’ll gladly explain.

Systems and Processes: Essential for Success

When running a business, especially if you intend to succeed, you need to put processes in place for the things that you do. This helps you repeat same steps again later with another product or service. It’s also important to have processes so that you can share your methods with your team and expand.

Many people market and sell their working systems to other business owners as a means of providing them a “faster way” to success.

Sure, people sell repeatable systems. However, if you buy and use a system, is what you finish with actually a duplication? Or, has it become a creation of your efforts, knowledge, and action?

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