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How to Be Productive in the Midst of Crisis

I can’t think of anyone who escapes life’s challenges. While it might seem at times that some people get more than their share, someday a crisis will happen to you. You will find yourself in a crisis of some sorts.
It could be a health crisis, marriage or relationship issues. Financial disasters, legal battles, children acting out or even a death in the family! Not to mention homelessness or caring for a parent or two. Along with crime and natural disasters, it’s a matter of time before it happens to you.
Indeed, life can get tough. When you are an entrepreneur, it can be even tougher. Especially if you are a solopreneur! You have no company leave to take advantage of, and likely not even a right hand to fall back on. Yet, the future of your business depends on you being able to function and stay productive.

So how can I stay cool in a crisis?

I am so glad you asked! Between the two of us, we at Sassy Lasses have survived and somehow managed to stay productive. In spite of dealing with every single one of those situations mentioned above, plus some. So, you might say we have had a wee bit of experience at learning to stay productive in the midst of a crisis.
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