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How to Reframe Self-Worth: Stop, Drop and Roll

The New Year is nearly upon us. Goodbye, 2017 - Hello 2018!

Getting ready to set a few resolutions to mark the occasion? You’re not alone, though you may want to give this a thorough read before you do.

If self-worth, a feeling of worthiness, is at the top of your 2018 list, resolutions are the last thing you need.

What you need is to reframe your idea of self-worth. I have a feeling, like many of the other topics we’ve covered, you’re confusing this with something else.

Absorb This

It’s about who you are - not what you do, own, or know. It’s about valuing your inherent worth as a person.

You know what it ISN’T? It’s not about measuring yourself based on external possessions, factors or actions.

It’s easy, as humans, to feel compelled to compare ourselves with others. These comparisons are the precursor to feelings of inadequacies. It’s inevitable, no matter how amazing you are.

Why? There will always be someone “better” than you. Someone who you see as more successful, affluent or attractive than you. The whole world can’t be filled with those who are above average.

(I mean it’s literally a mathematical impossibility. Check the definition if you don’t believe me.)

As individuals improve or decline in any given area, their place in that average changes. If you measure your self-worth on fluctuating factors, your ability to feel worthy will also fluctuate.

Which is why it’s important to

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