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How to Reframe Change: Different ≠ Disaster

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Before I dive into how we reframe change, I want to share why I feel so strongly about choosing to do so.

I’ve lived on both ends of the spectrum to the extreme; Wanting to constantly change and wanting never to change. When I was down on my luck and fighting for survival, change was my best friend. In fact, it was my state of being. When I escaped that lifestyle, I swung the other way as hard and fast as I could.

This post is a culmination of my experiences in both extremes and of my journey to find the middle ground. The middle ground is where I learned to reframe change.

Let’s Talk About Change

Ah change, a word that can insight excitement in some and terror in others. What is change? Change is to cause something to be different. What’s scary about that?

As we learn and grow (and make mistakes) we may become fearful that the next change will be a negative change. When that fear comes true, it re-enforces the belief and the cycle gets harder to escape.

The thing we often forget is that you can choose what you focus on, and it doesn’t have to be negative. Change is the vessel

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