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How to Reframe Choice: Your Hidden Inherent Superpower

Today I’m going to help you understand something, it took me most of my life to learn. It’s important that you take the time to truly absorb this concept because it will be life-defining. This is going to shake your foundation, so it settles even stronger.

I’m here to tell you that, for human beings, the ability to choose is inherent to our very natures. I know some of you out there will rise to instantly disagree, but if you’ll spare me a few minutes, I promise I’ll change your mind.

Not only is choice inherent for humans, but it’s also one of our greatest superpowers. We have the choice to act with or against our natural instincts. The choice to react or not, for better or for worse. You need to truly understand the depth of this statement if you want to harness the power of it.

Choice is a Superpower?

Absolutely. Nature helps support my claim. Animals in the wild, when studied, can start to be understood and predicted. They respond to a core set of instructions and reactions handed down to them through the DNA of their parents. When their DNA says jump, they say how hi.

Take salmon for example. Every year, mature Salmon swim upstream on a long and arduous journey. When they arrive to their spawning ground, they mate, and they die. This is something that will happen to

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