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How to Create a Website That Converts

If you intend to sell your products or services online, you’ve likely been told on countless occasions that you need a website that converts. I mean, what good is having a website if it isn’t helping you translate eyeballs to customers?

In my world, I get to work with a variety of business owners: There are those who think Facebook is a website, those who have a website they purchased ages ago and it doesn’t stack up, business owners that have a website that no one ever visits, and those that made their own and are constantly tweaking. I’ve seen it all.

Today, I want to talk to you about why you need a website, how to determine your website’s purpose, and how to ensure that you’re building a website that converts. Pay attention, this is going to be info-packed.

Why You Need a Website

It may not be obvious, but a website has nearly become a necessity. Big businesses, small businesses, non-profits, products, each and everyone needs a web presence. Never mind the fact that it’s an online gateway to potential sales, it’s also three other things.

Your Customers Want It

They may not be coming up to you and telling you, they tell you by not giving you their business. Our society continues to move more and more into a digital environment so it’s the expectation of a large portion of your patrons

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