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How to Survive in the Age of Un-Marketing

Traditional advertising not working lately? I’ve been hearing that a lot. Has the new Facebook algorithm shift killed your traffic and engagement? Yup, heard that one too. I keep hearing all these things about why the same old same old marketing BS that’s being used isn’t working.

You know what? I don’t want to hear it anymore so I’m going to change the tune. I want to talk about marketing using the disruptive techniques I’ve coined un-marketing.

People are tired, burned-out, and generally allergic to generic business marketing. It’s everywhere! In the middle of my Youtube videos, and now my Facebook videos. While I’m reading an article, searching a website, walking the dog, taking a bath, watching TV, nearly every activity contains some form of advertising.

Now tell me, when was the last time a shiny ad earned your click? For me, it’s extremely rare. Both because I don’t notice the ads anymore, and because I know that clicking that ad signs me up to see even more ads just like them. Ew.

I don’t trust crowdfunding or whiteboard videos, podcasts or blogs, stale muffins or dinner recommendation without someone I know and trust assuring me it’s the right choice.

This brings me to un-marketing. You see, more and more people I know will go out of their way to garner a recommendation before choosing a service. Ads be damned, I want a real, live, warm-blooded human being to tell me they had

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