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Are you THAT client? No one wants to be THAT client….

We’ve all had THAT client, nightmare client relationship from hell. Heck, many of us have BEEN the customer from hell. What I’m hearing more and more from other entrepreneurs is that there has been a decline in etiquette. What used to be common-sense no longer seems common.

Today, I want to start a new trend. I want to revive business etiquette. There are three customer types that really grind my gears. I’m going to explain who they are and how to avoid both becoming and succumbing to them.

The Creepers

I’m not talking the adjective creepy but those clients that always find a way to pay the least and take the most. Also known as scope-creepers, these clients are always trying to get the extra mile out of every inch. Just one more edit, one more change, one more slight adjustment. These individuals are draining on your time, energy and resources.

The Fade-Aways

Oh the joys of the unresponsive client. The people who pop in and out of your scope on what seems like a whim. You send beautiful proposals or brilliant strategies into their endless void, never knowing if they liked it or didn’t, or even if it was read. Then one day, POOF, there they are with a string of questions or demands and no answers. You may reach the finish line with these folks… or you may end up waiting for a day that will never come.

The Mind-Readers

You can only presume that these clients are mind-readers. Why? Because they expect

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