Let Us Support You - Virtually!

A business is only as good as the team that supports it, and many small business owners and entrepreneurs have just themselves. It can be difficult to do everything yourself, not to mention stressful!

With a team that span North America of professionals with a diverse range of skills, we are in a unique position to provide you with the support you need without breaking the bank.

Operational Support

You are it! You handle all of the different functions within your company at the same time.  Maybe you wanted to do it all but now it’s a bit bigger than you are. Maybe you just haven’t had the means to bring on extra staff.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

Allow us to step in and seamlessly assume management of the tasks. Free up your time and put it where it belongs – back into your building your business.

  • Customer Service
  • CRM Transfer and upkeep
  • Data Entry
  • Email Processing
  • Project Management
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Appointment Booking

Design and Creation

Some people yearn for their message to be transformed from simple thoughts into verbal imagery that delivers an evocative, provocative, memorable dive into their target market’s psyche. Others crave dynamic expression through colors and shapes.

That is what we at Sassy Lasses were born to deliver; Words, colors, images, and feelings that convey our client’s passion in a way that leaves an indelible impression.

  • Graphic, Logo and Video Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Blog and Newsletter Design
    Copywriting and Article Submissions
  • Campaign Script Design
  • Press Releases
  • Sales Funnels

Business Development

Your brand is your promise. With market competition only becoming more fierce over time, setting your brand apart builds a platform where you can deliver on your organization’s promises.

Authenticity has become required to grow and thrive in this digital age.

Owners that invest up front in building a strong foundation have a better chance of long-term success. Choose success, choose Sassy Lasses.

  • Internal Process Development
  • Agreement Writing
  • Sales Strategy Creation
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Propagation

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your services cost?

This is a tough one. We scale our prices to the work being done. We can quote by item, project or by hour, depending on your needs.

That being said, we do have a basic pay scale for clients as a point of reference.

Contact us to discuss what’s right for you.

Level 1

  • 20 hours per month = $600

Level 2

  • 40 hours per month = $1,100

Level 3

  • 60 hours per month = $1,500

Level 4

  • 80 hours per month = $1,900
I need help with something that isn't listed above.

That’s GREAT! We can do a lot more than we can list up there without it getting cluttered.

Send us an email or book a meeting and we’d be happy to chat with you in more detail.

Didn't you used to have deals on blog content creation?

Why YES, yes we did.

As we are preparing our site to move to HTTPS, we have removed purchase options on the site. However, the deal still exists! If you need content created, just drop us a line and we’ll lend a hand.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at anytime after signing up. Just let us know if your needs change and we’ll flex to fit.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Sacha and her team has absolutely been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business. Her intelligent independent problem solving, exceptional communication and PR experience have helped me more than I could measure. 

This has allowed me to focus on what I need to focus on with peace of mind vital tasks are getting taken care of. I recommend them whole heartedly.

Chris Prendergast

Owner/Founder, Jamstack

Sacha and Russ were absolutely wonderful to work with! They were extremely accommodating, and the experience was so turnkey that I almost couldn’t believe it. Everything was picked up on so quickly and I appreciated the time that they took to make recommendations on the project. I would highly recommend them to any business that needs extra hands because with them, you not only receive the help but the insight and proactive nature as well to share their ideas.

Gabriella Ribeiro

Owner/President, Trumarketing

Sacha Brant, a woman who I have had communication with before, reached out and made an offer I thought was the epitome of #Badass and SMART! 

She traded a service that took her about 15 minutes to do (she ended up doing a FB cover and Twitter cover) in return for promo and shout out with my community. I am ALL over that! It was a change from the usual, and I thought it was brilliant. Win – win. She did a beautiful job and I couldn’t be happier.

Marlo Ellis

Owner, MarloEllis.com

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.