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Do you prefer to be in the driver’s seat?

What would you like to learn today?

Administative Topics
  • Email Etiquette
  • The Art of Cold Calls
  • Process Order Processing
  • How to Generate Leads
  • The Anatomy of a Good Audit
  • Small Business Accounting 101
  • Irate Customer Management
  • How to Get Referrals
Design Topics
  • What Makes a Good Facebook Ad?
  • Anatomy of a Solid Design
  • Sales Funnels and How to Build Them
  • Online Courses, of course.
  • Designing with User Experience in Mind
Marketing Topics
  • What is a Brand and How Do I Get One?
  • Taking Your Brand Cross-Platform
  • Social Media Marketing 101
  • What is SEO, Why Should I Care, and How Do I Do It?
  • Email Marketing - When, Why and How
  • Dealing with Negative Press


Sassy Lasses Supports DIYers


What is a DIYer?

DIYers prefer to do everything themselves. They enjoy being hands-on and prefer to control their own projects. If you’re like us, meticulous and detail-oriented, handing over a project is tough. We offer highly skilled training sessions to ensure you are prepared to face any tasks you’ll need to manage as a business owner.


Why choose Sacha?

Did we mention we are the perpetual DIYers? We love learning how to do what needs to get done and handle it ourselves. We’re picky, so it works out just fine! Who better to teach you DIY for your business than the team that does it every day? Sassy Lasses is successful because of my ability to DIY. Work with us. You’ll save bunches in the long run.

What do I get?

You decide what to learn, and we’ll schedule a 90-minute session to go over exactly what you need to know about the topic of your choice. Sacha, our CEO, will set you up for DIY success by walking you through the key things you need to know on a screen share call. She’ll answer all of your questions. You’ll receive an edited copy of the session so you can re-watch it until your heart’s content.

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Love, love, love working with Sacha - she’s awesome! We’ve been working with her on getting a better understanding of how to tweak our social media voice, so people can better connect with our brand. (So far, the results have been amazing.) She and her team are now working with us to help improve the SEO for our recipe web site. Can’t wait!

Patricia Beets

Partner, Dell Cove Spices

“Sacha is a dream to work with! She is like a mind reader! I couldn’t totally articulate exactly what I wanted, but she seemed to know exactly what I needed without me asking!

I can’t thank her enough for her stellar work, quick efficient and a pleasure to work with! I’m soo happy! Thank you!”

Stacee Magee

Owner, StaceeMagee.com / The Genius Zone



What does this cost?

A 90-minute session is $200 CDN. If you book two or more training sessions at once, it’s $150 per session.

What if, at the end of the session, I don’t feel like I learned anything?

I would not teach you anything I don’t already consider myself masterful at. Besides that, I’ll provide a 30 minute follow up call to answer any persistent questions once you’ve had time to review the recorded training session. I’ll invest the time into you and your learning as long as you do.

I need more than 90 minutes! What would it cost for a longer session?

Here’s the thing - linger sessions usually mean less retention. 90 minutes is the maximum time for one session. If you feel you’ll need additional time, book a second session. Each listed topic is designed to fit within the 90 minute alottment.

Will I get to keep the train video for ever or does it expire?

Once training is finished, my team will prepare the video to send off to you within 48 business hours. This is your video to keep and watch as much as you need. I just ask that you don’t sell or copy the video. Thanks!

Will you try to sell me services while doing the training?

That’s not the point. The point is to arm you with knowledge. No sales. If you want to know about my serivces, please feel free to ask, but it’s not something I’ll mention.

I need training so that I can manage XYZ. Can we review my data during training?

ABSOLUTELY. We can review your account and data so that your training is customized to you and your environment.



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