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Online Business Management

We know your time is valuable – do you?

Your Business Deserves to Grow


What is an Online Business Manager?

The official definition according to obmconnect.com is: “A virtually based support professional who manages online based businesses, including the day-to-day management of projects, operations, team members and metrics.”

The Sassy Lasses team is here to support your business operation. Don’t get stuck working IN your business when you need to be working ON it.


Why choose Sassy Lasses?

Are your valuable, money-making hours going to tasks that aren’t worth your time? We are here to provide a wide range of services, depending on your needs. We’ll manage your most onerous, dreaded tasks so your focus is where it belongs: on your business!

Plus, during the course of our relationship, you’l receive a combination of support and coaching that makes our online services invaluable and unmatched in the industry.

How Can We Support You??

Administrative Support
  • Email Management
  • Appointment Bookings and Calendar Management
  • Order Processing
  • Lead Generation
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Project Managment
Content & System Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Visual Branding
  • Custom Artwork
  • Custom Copy Generation
  • Sales Funnel Planning and Implementation
  • Online Course Planning and Implementation
Marketing Support
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Audience Research and Targeting Strategy
  • SEO Audits, Research, Implementation
  • Advertisements: Print or Digital
  • Online Web Presence Development
    • Website
    • Social Media Platform Branding
    • Social Media Marketing Strategy
    • Content Creation Support

Running a small business is hard. I’m often required to pivot at a moment’s notice, juggle 17 activities at once, and keep track of everything. Additionally, I needed to perform tasks (client marketing calls!) that just weren’t in my skill set and I consequently avoided doing. I came to the realization that I was not optimizing my business, and it’s a truism that if your business isn’t growing, it’s shrinking.

When I discovered Sacha Brant and her business, Sassy Lasses, I was able to comfortably pass along those tasks that I didn’t have time for, or wasn’t adept at performing. Now, I never worry about follow up, because Sacha has it under control. I can now focus on doing what I do best. I can go on and on, but I’ll give the last word to one of my customers, who said it best:

“What a pleasure it has been to have been placed in Sacha’s hands. She is personable, professional, diligent and conscientious - everything you want in one package when it comes to customer service. I am extremely pleased with her follow-up, and look forward to a continued relationship with L’Moor.”

Thank you, Sacha.

Bonnie Annis

Owner, L'Moor

Sassy Lasses has been like crack is to an addict for my business. I can’t imagine how I would get anything done without Sacha and her team!

From back-end admin to creating a brand new badass brand and website. Sassy Lasses is an agency that puts their heart and soul into all that they do. I can trust them to get tasks done with the same expertise as though I’d done it myself.

They are a brilliant extension of my company and allow me to focus on my business and what I do best. I can’t say enough about the positive impact this partnership has had on my business. I’m happy and so are my clients!

Catherine Avery

Owner, Resovate Interior Design



I need help with something that’s not on your list, can you still help me?

Of Course! The Sassy Lasses team is packed full of skills. If you need it done, we have someone to do it. If you don’t see it listed, just ask!

What Is the fastest possible turn around I can expect from any given task / project?

How fast do you need it? We always try to work within the timeframes you have though we ask for 24 hours notice minimum as a courtesy.

Once we out grow each other how much notice must I give before concluding services?

The minimum is 30 days however more is always appreciated!

Will I be able to ask for recommendations from past or current clients?

Yes, absolutely. If the testimonials and case studies in our portfolio aren’t enough, reach out and we would be happy to directly connect you to a reference.

Do I need certain tax slips or any thing special to work with you?

Not at all. We are not employees. It’s no different than purchasing a bar of chocolate from Canada. See, I’m like chocolate.



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