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Everyone has a story.
In mine, Sassy Lasses is at the end of one and the beginning of another.

When Sassy Potential Shines!

When you embrace life’s challenges, difficulties and traumatic experiences and turn them into your most powerful strengths, something incredible happens.

Anyone can overcome adversity and use their experiences as a personal drive to succeed. From there, you have the potential to develop a charismatic entrepreneurial spirit that others will follow. I can tell you from personal experience that there will be days when achieving your goals feels daunting. But, with the right team to behind you, the sky is the limit! Everyone has a story, why not write the rest yourself while enjoying the unlimited potential of a life without traditional work boundaries.

Working with Sassy Lasses to support you in achieving your goals is like recruiting your own personal team. Focus your time on expanding your business and we’ll do what it takes to get your ideas, hard work and determination to succeed noticed!



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Sacha Brant

Sacha Brant


Sacha is a visionary and fearless leader whose creative genius and passion is matched only by her vast knowledge and attention to detail.

Russell Brant

Russell Brant


Russ is the official right-hand-man in charge of managing the day to day operations; He rocks outstanding client care and expert support.

Stephanie Butler

Stephanie Butler

Graphic Designer

Stephanie is a designer with a passion for creative solutions and accessible products. She focuses on visual communication, so you’ll know every design will convey your business effectively.

Josh Grieve

Josh Grieve

Audio/Video Specialist

Josh is an out-of-the-box thinker whose innovative stylings have found our clients much success. He provides content that fits the need of your customer and the value your business.

Let us help you grow Your business

Release your passion.
Invigorate your aspirations.
Optimize your brand appeal.
Captivate your audience!
We unleash the Sassy potential in you,
and share it with the world!

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