Everyone has a story.

In mine, Sassy Lasses is at the end of one volume and the beginning of another. Let me explain...

Hi, I’m Sacha!

Like roughly one in every four women you know, I was a victim of domestic violence. But, that was at the beginning of volume one. Along the way, I transformed into a survivor and it’s been the recovery road that led me to the place where I created Sassy Lasses to help fill a need I experienced firsthand.

Financial abuse is a tool abusers use to try and keep their victims captive and under their control. Too often, it works and the financial struggle, for those who flee with nothing but their clothing, continues. Many survivors find themselves having to move repeatedly, often long distances. Like it or not, most have triggers to deal with, have come out of the situation with battered self-esteem, and have an awful lot of healing to do. These factors, and others,  often make finding and keeping a traditional job difficult, if not an impossibility for some.

So, Sassy Lasses, a virtual assistance and creative consulting company, was born! And has since grown….

I believe entrepreneurship is the perfect solution for many survivors and it is how I support myself now. The problem is, that concept alone is intimidating. It’s big and scary and not a good option for those who are overwhelmed by lengthy to-do lists. Entrepreneurship offers advantages that are ideal for survivors, I’m first-hand proof, when they can just find the support and assistance they need to embrace being a business owner and creating the life of their dreams.

While we will always provide services and support geared towards domestic violence survivors, we don’t stop there. We have an amazing hand-picked team to serve you, no matter what your background or business field is.

Our team is as diverse as our clientele and each one plays a very special role as a part of your business right-hand.

Sacha Brant


Sacha is a visionary and fearless leader whose creative genius and passion is matched only by her vast knowledge and attention to detail.

Russell Brant


Russ is the official right-hand-man in charge of managing the day to day operations; He rocks outstanding client care and expert support.

Jackie McShannon

& Strategy Manager

Jackie is a free-spirited designer with a flare for the creative. She consistently applies her brilliance to business puzzles by solving the most complex concerns.

Lisa Trolley

Copywriting Consultant

Lisa is a passionate and creative results-driven individual who strives to achieve success, without compromise. She works directly with clients to create clear and specific content that stands out, getting the attention you deserve.

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